Satina-loC Alpacas 

"Home of Happy Huacayas"

Nanango, QLD



We have concentrated on breeding a coloured herd and currently have a mix of black, roan, grey (dark medium light), brown, fawn (dark, medium, light), and solid whites.

2010 -

We first bought some alpacas when Anita needed something to keep the foxes away from her Guinea Fowl girls.  We'd heard that 'pacas' were great for this job so we purchased 3 boys. JJ, Max and Harley soon became an integral part of our 'family' and eventually we decided to give away the Guinea Fowl girls and get some more Alpacas. 

2014 -  To see if we were making improvements in the quality of our fleece we had the whole herd micron tested. Herd average 23.11 microns - Our oldest girl (MG) 10 yrs 8 mths, came in at 24.5 micron - our second oldest girl (BLK) 9yrs, was 31.3 micron (this was the highest test result).  One of our younger girls (LF) 1yr 6mths was still 16.6 microns for her 2nd fleece and a number of others had reduced micron and higher CF compared to last year.  Three girls and one boy have maintained an SD of less than 4 u. Must be feeding them the right stuff.

2016 - Currently have 40 animals so we have decided to increase the size of our herd.  We studied the genetics of all our paccas and did a few matings.  Hopefully we will end up with at least 4 new cria !!!


                                               We may never have a business but will always have a "large happy family".

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